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      Baotou Dongbao Bio-tech Co.Ltd was established in 1997(its predecessor is BaoTou Fine Gelatin Company which was a state-owned enterprise established in 1960), is the new high-tech enterprise and the GEM listed private enterprise. Company is strategy emerging industry in the range of Country encourage development biotechnology and accord with Country healthy plan development. Is also the autoriomous region party committee of the 10th session of the second middle school full committee. Main products “Jinlu” brand gelatin, “Ballsence” brand collagen and “Baiyun” brand bone source calcium phosphate. The total capital stock of the company is 520 million yuan, and the total assets are nearly 1.3 billion yuan. In recent years, the company has explored and innovated, paid close attention to the key elements of enterprise development, achieved good operating results, and the production and sales volume of main products have increased significantly.

      Our production capability on gelatin is 13500 MT/year, production capability on collagen is 1000MT/year. Current Binhe District Dongbao Bio-Tech Eco-park is establishing the project regard to“ production ability 2000MT/year “could arrive to production ability on collagen 3000 MT/year, which will greatly enhance the company core competitiveness, market share, industry position and profitability. The new Ecological science and technology park project located in Baotou Rare-Earth Binhe District, it will build 5 top one in China gelatin field, they are intelligent technology top one, quality top one, production capability top one, efficiency top one, work environment top one. The aim is to build an Asian gelatin model factory, to build global model factory.

      Dongbao Bio-Tech attaches great importance to scientific development and has won the National Productivity Promotion Innovation Development Award, the National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise, the Quality Award of the Chairman of the Autonomous Region (June 2016-June 2019), Outstanding Private Enterprise in the Autonomous Region, Autonomous Region Scientific Development Enterprise, Baotou City The first batch of "100-year-old enterprise", the first batch of "technology giants", innovative enterprises, specializing in special new and small enterprises and other honors. It owns the autonomous region double innovation demonstration base, autonomous region-level enterprise technology center, research and development center, the Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences-Dongbao Collagen and Gelatin Bioengineering Application Research and Development Center, and the joint laboratory with the Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other units has been identified as the first batch of China's light industry Gelatin Key Laboratory, the company's bio-collagen green manufacturing and application technology research enterprise laboratory was approved as the autonomous region key laboratory. The company continues to promote technological progress, has a number of authorized invention patents, has won China's good technology, autonomous region scientific and technological achievements, and municipal scientific and technological progress awards. In recent years, it has established technical cooperation with scientific research institutions such as the University of California, Los Angeles.

       In the beginning of 2015, new “Ballensce” collagen peptide entered into market. The company cooperate laboratory with the Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which the raw material of Ballensce collagen peptide is grass-fed bovine bones, using directional enzyme technology to cut collagen into peptide. It is rich in many kinds of amino acid and preserve collagen biological activity maximum. It is small molecular weight peptide, high purity and good solubility, earlier to be absorbed by body. From the products enter into market, to be accepted and gain good reputation by the customers due to Technology and Healthy idea.

        In the future, in addition to actively expanding the existing business, the company will also seize the opportunity of the "Healthy China" strategic development, increase collagen peptides that inhibit cancer cell proliferation, improve waste osteoporosis collagen, and gelatin electrospinning The research and development of cutting-edge technologies such as silk biopharmaceutical materials, medical collagen hydrolysate (substitute for plasma gelatin), etc. seize the big health market with high-quality products and value-added services.

        B Based on the professional production of modern collagen bioproducts, Toho Bio will continue to implement the mission of “focus on collagen, continuous innovation, and pursuit of a healthy enterprise, and with the help of technological innovation and the strong power of the capital market, create a modern collagen organism with stable development and sustainable growth. Technology enterprises, make new efforts for the national biological industry, and make positive contributions to the pursuit of health and beauty!


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